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The first review assistant is coming to life.

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Fast Review Management

Achieve 100% response rate for Free

If you and your team are striving to keep high response rates across multiple online review sites ClickHint will make your life easier.

ClickHint is giving your team the superpowers they need to respond to more reviews, more personalized and by following the industry's best practices.

There are three steps to Get Started for free

  • Download the Chrome Extension

  • Get your Free AI Review Responses

  • Respond to your reviews like never before

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Join our pre-launch and get

  • 50 free AI Review Responses

  • 15 free AI Review Responses per month forever

  • Access to premium features

  • Access to Referral Program (Win up to 150 Extra AI Responses)

Say goodbye to copy-paste templates.

We know that responding to each review personally without pre-set templates is difficult.
You can now give your customers the attention they deserve.

Make it personal

You can use our machine learning algorithms and generate unique replies based on what reviewers are writing.

Speak their Language

You can identify your guest's nationality and you can generate responses in their language, as you are native speakers.

Keep your brand voice

ClickHint is designed for large enterprises. If you want to keep a consistent tone of voice, ClickHint can get trained and do it for you.

ClickHint will be available in a few days.

Join our pre-launch and get


Free AI Review Responses by Joining


Free AI Review Responses per month forever


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